Silver Jubliee Celebration of Infant Jesus School Attracts Large Gathering.

RAICHUR, JAN 6: Enthusiastic and colourful celebrations marked the silver jubilee of Infant Jesus School Vidyanagar, Raichur January 4-5.

The celebrations attracted huge gathering of dignitaries, parents, teachers and students.

The celebrations started with a thanksgiving Holy Eucharist presided over by Bishop Henry D'Souza on Jan. 4. It was following by a well attended cultural evening by the alumni and students.

The main event was held on Jan. 5, presided over by Bishop Henry D'Souza, and Bishop Jayarao Polimera, Bishop of Eluru as chief guest.

The students of Infant Jesus School and Bala Yesu CBCE School presented colourful cultural events which enthralled the audience.

Vicar General Fr. Paulraj, BDBE Secretary Fr. MD Vincent and a galaxy of dignitaries attended the function.

Fr. Jaya Raj Putti, school Manager welcomed and thanked the gathering.

Infant Jesus School was established in the year 1991-92 in a two room makeshift building by Fr. Antony Puthenkalam and continued by Fr. Sebastian Kulathinal who designed and laid the foundation stone for the massive structure and built the 1st floor.

The school was further improved both in structure and academics by Frs. Bhagavantraj and Thomas Michael.

The school is marching ahead successfully promoting academic excellence under the leadership of Fr. Jayaraj Putti, Manager and Correspondent.

This school has both the mediums in English and Kannada and has more than 2000 students.

Infant Jesus School's vision is to enable each student to achieve his/her potential within a learning environment that is safe, positive, respectful, inclusive and welcoming in all the spheres of life.

Diocesan Sponsorship Committee Organises Children Sponsorship Meet

BALLARI, DEC.18: The Diocesan Sponsorship Committee (BSSK) hosted children's get- together at Lingsugur and Ballari on Dec. 11 and 18.

The well attended programmes were held at Little Flower School, Lingsugur on for children of the Raichur district. The children of Bellary and Koppal districts met at St. Joseph's Boy's School, Ballari.

The children's sponsorship programme helps children from economically poor and socially backward sections to pursue their studies.

Many of the sponsored young boys and girls are pursuing college and professional studies.

Bishop Henry D'Souza urged the sponsored children to be grateful to their sponsor parents and to take their studies seriously, nurturing a dream to be successful in life.

Bishop thanked the Diocesan Sponsorship committee with Fr. Sam Nalan as chairman, Fr. O. Vincent as Secretary and Sr. Shyamala fs as Coordinator.

He expressed his gratitude for the sponsor parents, sponsorship directors Fr. Arokianathan and Fr. Lourdsamy T., parish priests, parents and the children for their cooperation.

Fr. O. Vincent, Secretary of the Sponsorship programme, coordinated the meets. Frs. Paulraj (V. G.), Sam Nalan, Bagawanthraj, MD Vincent, Yagappa, Lourduraj, Maxim Dias, Sisters Dorin A.C., Sr. Shyamala fs and others helped.

The diocese has sponsorship programmes such as FQ-Ankura, Abhaya India directed by Fr. Arokianathan and Amo India by Fr. Lourdsamy T.

The programme is promoting the uplift of children who are the most deprived, socially backward and some of whom are physically challenged.

Seminar On Management Of NPOs And Minority Status Held

BALLARI: DEC.14: Large number of pastoral clergy and heads of institutions from the Diocese of Bellary enthusiastically participated in a day's seminar on Management of Non Profit Organization and Minority Status of educational institutions on Dec. 14, 2016 at Bishop's House.

The seminar was animated by renounced charted accountants Mark D'Souza, Mr. Ravindranath and Supreme Court advocate Sr. Jessy Kurian.

The seminar was held in the context of new challenges in the present scenario and with the intention of sensitizing the pastoral clergy and the religious of the diocese to pastoral management and in compliance with the recommendation of Diocesan Pastoral Hand Book.

Bishop Henry D Souza in his introductory words appealed to all priests and religious insisted on "wise stewardship" manifested through accountability, transparency and prompt compliance of regulations.

"Managing church's resources and running pastoral institutions is a mission and an great responsibility. It calls for wisdom, prudence, honesty and accountability" which will enable the pastoral workers to use the temporal resources to provide for care for pastoral personnel, upkeep of houses of worship, care for the poor and needy and promote evangelization.

Bishop insisted on strictly complying with guidelines given in the Diocesan Pastoral Hand Book.

Sri Mark D Souza urged the leaders of the community to understand the concepts of taxation, its obligations and rights.

Sri Ravindranath, auditor of BDBE and its institutions also Diocesan units appealed all those gathered to go for cashless transactions.

Sr. Jessy Kurian, a member of congregation of St. Ann's Sisters, former member of National Minority Education Commission and Advocate of Supreme Court of India urged to safeguard and enforce the Minority Rights enshrined in the Constitution of India.

She also appealed all the heads of the Institutions to get the Minority Status Certificate for better management.

New Presbytery Blessed At Chikkahesarur

BALLARI, DEC. 6: Newly built presbytery was blessed and inaugurated in presence of a large gathering of Priests, Religious, People and children by Bishop Henry D'Souza at Chikkahesaru, in Raichur district on Dec. 6.

While appreciating the hard work put into by local parish priest Fr. Antony Fernandes, the Bishop thanked him for his contribution to establishing Chikkahesaruru mission and building up the community.

It was also the first annual day for the newly started St. Antony School, Chikkahesarur.

According to 2011 censes Chikkahesarur has only 37.11% literacy level against 75.36% in the Karnataka State.

The new school is expected to boost the literacy level at Chikkahesarur and neighboring villages.

Christians have been residing in Hesarur as early as 1928.

The new presbytery has been constructed with the support of Propaganda Fide and other donors.

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