1 Diocesan Estate Committee:
(Properties, Farms, Estates, Halls and all Rented Places)
Diocesan Estate Manager: (I/C) Fr. Cyril Lasrado Secretary/Convener Diocesan Finance Officer (Fr. O. Vincent), Mr. Raju Balraj, Mr. Y. Joseph, Mr. Anil Anthony
2 Diocesan Pastoral Projects Selection Committee:
(PMS, Church /Rectory Construction and Commission Projects)
Chairman: Vicar General (Fr. Anthony Raj) Diocesan Finance Officer: Fr. O. Vincent (Convener/ Secretary) Diocesan Estate Manager Civil Engineers Mr. Balaswamy & Mr. Benjamin John
3 Development Projects Selection Committee:
President: (V. G.) Fr. Anthony Raj. Secretary: BDDS Director (Fr. Yagappa) Sr. Elizabeth FS (Secretary, DPC) Local Dean (observer)
4 Project Implementation/Audit Committee:
(Pastoral and Social Development)
Convener:V. G. (Fr. Anthony Raj) Secretary: Vice President II of Diocesan Pastoral Council (Mr. Y. Joseph) Civil Engineer Mr. Balasamy (for Ballari/Koppal), Mr. Benjamin John Fernandez (for Raichur) & local Dean
5 Internal Audit Committee
(At least two visits a year by any two)
Convener: Diocesan Finance Officer (Fr. O. Vincent) Vicar General, DFO, BDBE Secretary & local Dean
6 Diocesan Crisis Management Committee
Convener: V. G. (Fr. Anthony Raj) PRO (Fr. Ivan Pinto), BDDS Director (Fr. Yagappa), BDBE Secretary (Fr. John Peter) J.V. (Fr. N. A. Vincent) and CRI President (Sr. Teresa Peter, FS)
7 Diocesan Preliminary Enquiry Committee for Sexual Abuse
Convener: Judicial Vicar Judicial Vicar/Chancellor/ Curia Official, A senior priest, and Another member
8 Deanery Crisis Management Committee
Convener: Local Dean A Religious Superior, Secretary of Deanery Pastoral Council, 2 members co-opted by the Dean
9 School Local Management Committee
Vice President: V. G. (Fr. Anthony Raj) Secretary of BDBE (Fr. John Peter), School Manager (Convener), Local Parish Priest, Headmaster/ Principal and Superior of the local Religious House(If a member is teaching in the school)
10 Diocesan Charismatic Renewal Team
Convener: Mr. Y. Joseph (Cantt) Frs. Antonyraj, Danappa, Robert Paul, Francis Chinnappa, Anand Yemmi, Sr. Celine FS, Mr. Innaci (Cantt.), Mr. Joseph (City), Mr. Anthony (Sindhanur), Mr. Sunny Abraham (City), Mr. Guru Prasad (Cowl Bazaar), Ms. Aruna (Siruguppa), Mr. Arogyappa (Ballari) & Mr. Kiran (Bandihatti)
11 Diocesan P.M.S. Director
Fr. Anthonyraj P. Mob: 9449131135