Christmas Get-together with the Poor at Bellary:
Bellary: DEC.20,2018.

Around a hundred poor people from Bellary participated in the Christmas Get-together specially organized at Bishop's house, Bellary.

Carols, dance and drama based on the spirit of Christmas was presented by the brothers of Dheeksha Bhavan, Minor Seminary, Bellary.

In his message "Christmas reminds and assures us hope and joy. Jesus made himself poor so that we might become rich. We are born poor, doesn't mean that we should remain economically poor all through our life" said Bishop Henry, Bishop of Bellary. He also urged all those gathered to educate their children and cultivate a spirit of dignity, hard work and sincerity in whatever they do".

Sr.Shanthi De Lima FHIC, St. Mary's Hospital Bellary, Secretary Health Commission of the Diocese, Mr. Stevan, President Vincent de Paul Society, St. Antony's Cathedral, Bellary, Catholic Association Members are in contact with the poor people and continuously offered help.

The program was sponsored by Indian Bank, Cathedral Branch, Ballari.

Mr.Mohan Rao and Mr. Inthiaaz of Indian Bank, Cathedral Branch, Bellary were felicitated at the occasion.

Blankets were given to all those participants as Christmas gift. At the end of the program Christmas lunch was served. The Christmas lunch was a witness to Charity and fraternity by its very nature fostered that all human beings should be treated with greater honour and dignity.

Fr.Maxim Dias, Diocesan PRO thanked all those present.

Our Patron
St Anthony of Padua