Diocesan Pastoral Council Urges To Rejuvenate PPCs & PFCs

BELLARY, FEB. 21: A meeting of Diocesan Pastoral Council (DPC) was held on Feb. 21 at Bishop's House.

Mr. Y. Joseph, Vice President II of DPC led the gathering with praise and worship service.

Bishop Henry D'Souza in his introductory session highlighted the final statement of the plenary assembly of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of India, held Feb. 13-19 in Bangalore.

He stressed that our Indian identity is pluralistic with many religions, cultures and languages. He pointed out that the Bishops of India have urged to uphold the Constitution of India which ensures justice, liberty, equality and fraternity for all its citizens. While one is patriotic, he or she need not succumb to the pressures of narrow nationalism. The Bishops of India have urged to usher in a culture of dialogue with all sections of the society – viz. religions, environment, the poor, dalits and even the unborn.

Fr. Anthonyraj, Vicar General and Chairperson of the Commission for Evangelization briefed about the year-long programmes and activities planned for the Year of Mission which was formally launched on Nov.1, 2019. A core team formed in this context would visit every parish to identify people with charism to preach the word of God with the help of parish priests and PPC. He informed that a core team of lay leaders, priests and religious was working at the mandate given.

In order to deepen one's own personal relationship with God and promote laity in mission commitment the following suggestions were made:

1. To rejuvenate Parish Pastoral Council and Finance Committees in this year of Mission in the Diocese.
2. To form Children's Mission Clubs in parishes and institutions
3. To encourage prayer groups, Bible study groups and retreat in every parish
4. To encourage family prayers and pray for missions
5. To organize walk-pilgrimages to shrines

Rejuvenation PPCs & PFCs
Fr. Paulraj, Manager, Infant Jesus School, Vidyanagar was the resource person of the day. He stated that each one of us by our Baptism are called to be prophet, priest and king. Therefore all Catholics are duty bound to promote the kingdom of God through their God-given mission to transform the world through service, love and compassion. There is a need of rejuvenation the diocesan commissions and the DnPCs, PPCs and PFCs. It was recommended to organize a half day convention of all members of the respective Deanery Pastoral Council, Parish Pastoral Councils and Parish Finance Committees on a suitable day within the next three months. The Bishop and the Team appointed by the DPC should animate the conventions. Also, a DPC Team along with the local Dean should visit all PPCs and PFCs of all the parishes in the Diocese within six months. The visit is aimed at re-juvenating the PPCs and PFCs, and helping them to sort out any local issues. The local Deans should prepare a schedule for their respective deaneries.

It was suggested that Deans should appoint Coordinators for their deaneries for Pastoral Commissions of the Diocese and send their list to the Bishop.

Later Fr. Yagappa, Director of Bellary Diocesan Development Society briefed about housing scheme for the poor in the diocese. He also proposed to start Sauharda Cooperative Society for SHGs.

After vote of thanks proposed by the Vice President II Mr. Joseph, the meeting concluded with fraternal meal at 2.30 PM.

Our Patron
St Anthony of Padua