Half a day Youth Programme

August 5th 2018. The bellary deanery had half a day youth programme at st. Joseph's boys school. The event began at 10.00 am with short prayer and song.thereafter Mr. Joseph led the group with praise and worship for half an hour. Most. Rev. Dr, Henry D'Souza, Bishop of Bellary Diocese, fr. Prem D'Souza, the youth director, Mr.Raju balraj , the president of catholic association, Mr. Joseph, the vice president of deanery Pastoral Council, deanery office bearers and 69 youth were present from various parishes which come under Bellary deanery. Bishop in his address to the youth said that the youth must come forward to be leaders, must work hard and come up in life.

A lot of youth today giving their best to achieve their goal in their lives. Mr. Raju Balraj said that the youth to be active in the parish and in the society, do their best to build the healthy society, have to take a lot interest in the parish activities and be vibrant in the society. then Mr. Joseph, the professor of st. Philomena school spoke to th youth. in his talk he briefed his school days and as a youth.Also said that there were no much opportunities as there are now. He told the youth to make use of the opportunities that they have today and contribute to the growth of the society. fr. Prem D'Souza, the youth director, breifed the upcoming programmes and thanked the youth for the active participation in the meeting.The meeting ended at 12.00 pm with concluding prayer. The youth secretary of the deanery thanked all

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