Fr. M.A. Alphonse Called To His Eternal Home


BELLARY, SEP.21,2020: Rev. Fr. MA Alphonse Liquory, parish priest of Burma Camp parish, passed away this morning at 6.30 AM at VIMS Medical College Hospital, Bellary.

On Friday the 18th September, Father Alphonse collapsed in his wash room, in the parish house. He became fully unconscious. Immediately the parishioners rushed him to Sindhanur Government hospital. Looking at his serious condition, he was referred to hospital in Bellary. Frs. Mariswamy and Amal Chandra rushed him immediately to Bellary. He was admitted in VIMS Medical College Hospital at 2 AM on Sep. 19 with the help Rev. Fr. Anthonyraj, the Vicar General.

He was in deep coma due to massive brain hemorrhage. Fr. Cyril Lasrado and Fr. Alphonse George visited him early morning and anointed him with the last Sacrament. Bishop Henry D’Souza, Bishop of Bellary along with Fathers visited him soon after and prayed over him. He was put on life saving support and medications, being monitored and supervised by the top medical staff of VIMS. Seeing his critical condition the doctors felt the 72 hours would be very crucial.

The entire diocese held a special prayer service prayed for his recovery on 20th Sunday , 2020 at 7.00-7.30pm. Fr. Alphonse Ligouri was born in Manampadi Kandigi, Kanchipuram district, Tamil Nadu on 25 July 1960 to Arogyaswamy and Arogyamma. They were six siblings - a brother and four sisters, one of whom Sr. Mary Magdaleneis, a religious nun from Pontifical Institute of Teaching Sisters of St. Lucy Filippi.

He did his Elementary schooling in his native place. Later went to Apostolic School at Pannur, Tamil Nadu for High School studies. He did PUC in Karumathur Arulanandar College, Madurai.

His Minor Seminary formation was in St. Thomas Minor Seminary, Madras. He joined Sacred Heart Seminary, Poonamalee, Madras for his major seminary formation. He was ordained on 22 April 1987 in his native place by then Archbishop Casimir Gnanadickam, Archbishop of Madras-Mylapur. He was a priest for 33 years. Right after his ordination he served as an assistant Parish Priest in Maski (1987-89).

He was a Parish Priest of Sirwar (1989-92), Manvi (1992-97), Hirenaganoor (1997-2002), Sirwar (2002-2006), Director C.C.F.T Farm & PP of Jawelgera Church Farm (2006-10), City Parish, Bellary (2010-13), Mudgal (2013-16) and Hutti (2016-2020). In June this year he was transferred to Burma Camp parish where he was the parish priest till his death. Fr. Alphonse was known for his simple life style and fidelity to his pastoral responsibilities as a priest. He paid special attention to faith formation, conducting children’s camps and youth ministry.

He had a very special love for the poor. In Mustoor village of Manvi parish he got plots of land for poor people and built houses for them. In Katriki of Manvi parish, he constructed a chapel and houses for the poor. The chapel in Ganadinni of Sirwar parish was constructed during his ministry there.

In Sirwar was instrumental in getting fund to construct Community Hall for the people. He also helped to construct some houses for the poor. He had constructed houses for poor in Jawelgera Farm and Bellary City parish. Last year with the help of Christian Development Council, Government of Karnataka, constructed the compound wall. The mortal remains of Fr. Alphonse were taken to St. Antony's Cathedral Church, Bellary. Bishop Henry D’Souza along with clergy of Bellary Diocese celebrated the funeral service at 04.00 pm, Sept. 21. Cathedral church. Thereafter, the mortal remains buried at Cowl Bazaar cemetery, Bellary following the pandemic time the government regulations. “Fr. MA Alphonse was a devoted and dedicated pastor who endeared himself to all. In his death the diocese has lost a good pastor”, said Bishop Henry D'Souza.

Bishop Henry D’Souza conveyed his heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family. Our sincerely thank the medical fraternity of VIMS Hospital for their dedicated services and all those who assisted Fr. Alphonse during his days of his life particularly Frs. Antony Raj (VG), Ivan Pinto (PRO), O. Vincent (DFO), Cyril Lasrado, Alphonse George and the Sisters St. Mary’s Hospital and the parishioners of Burma Camp.

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St Anthony of Padua