Bellary Diocese holds Special Formation Program For Seminarians
BELLARY, JULY 14, 2021:

A three days intensive formation program was held for the major and minor seminarians of Bellary Diocese at Deeksha Bhavan Minor Seminary, Bellary from July 12-14.

The program was inaugurated by Bishop Henry D’Souza, Bishop of Bellary.

In his inaugural address, Bishop D’Souza spoke on the need of responsible, yet directed formation at all levels.

“God is the prime formator in the formative journey of candidates to priesthood. The sacred scriptures, saints and the formators play a vital role in the continuous formative journey,” stated Bishop D’Souza.

In these challenging times of pandemic and lockdown, seminary formation is seriously disrupted. The situation can be addressed only through each seminarian taking responsibility by striving to be driven by a vibrant vision of life, imbibing biblical world view and through prayer, reflection and contemplation, Bishop insisted.

“While a seminarian benefits from online classes, one should complement it through personal study, always striving to grow in interior life, building fraternity, solidarity and with a collective responsibility to reach out people’s need,” said Bishop Henry.

“Authentic formation can be achieved only through making right choices to grow in deep spirituality, wisdom and relationships with all sections of people,” Bishop added.

“Also, the candidates in formation should make right choices – as Jesus did all through his life – by choosing what is helpful, what is building community and what is enhancing common good. All that would be possible when one is basically good, honest and loving,” said Bishop.

“Authentic formation is a hard work, it is a responsible task, above all it is driven by the mission given by Jesus – to love, to serve and to transform, which can come only through consistent prayer life inspired by the word of God,” Bishop concluded.

Frs. Vincent Rodrigues, Jose Prakash, Alphonse George, Jai Prakash, Remi Jose, Sr. Teresa Peter FS and Sr. Vinita SJC and youth team from Bellary animated the sessions.

There were 16 participants.

Bro. Chinnappa said, “It was enriching program. After lockdown it helped to revive our spiritual journey.”

Bro Yuvaraj remarked that the program helped us to realize our formation is for transformation.

Fr. Alphonse George, Rector of Minor Seminary conducted the entire program.

Our Patron
St Anthony of Padua