“Fight Superstition; Cultivate A Scientific Temper”: Bishop Henry D’Souza
BELLARY, 27 NOV 2023:

“Fight superstition and cultivate a scientif temper in students”, urged Bishop of Bellary, Bishop Henry D”Souza today at Bellary.

Bishop Henry D”Souza was opening “Gnana Deevige” a Science and Arts Exhibition at St Joseph Boys School at Bellary.

Bishop Henry D’Souza declare that all things created by God and all times are good. Therefore superstitions based on colours, animals and movement of planets and stars should be shunned,” stated Bishop.

“Students need be encouraged to cultivate a scientific temper through observation, hypothesis and verification. They need to be encouraged to look for solutions to human problems, without becoming blind consumers of falsehood and superstitions”, added Bishop D’Souza.

“Bishop of Bellary also insisted on the need of encouraging school students to learn the traditional music, dance and other creative art-forms”, said Bishop.

The guests at the inaugural function included: Bishop Henry D’ Souza, Sri Venkatesh Prasad, Fr. John Peter, Secretary of BDBE, Fr. Ivan Pinto, Dean of Ballari, Shri Shivanna, CEO and Shri Ranganath CRP.

More than 32 school students visited the Science and Art exhibition during these 3 days.

The district and state-level Athletics were felicitated by the dignitaries. The guest unveiled a few models and marked the opening ceremony of the exhibition. There were nearly 35 rooms allotted for languages, Science, social, mathematics, music, arts and crafts, working models Chandra Yana, satellites, parts of the body, Fort of Mughal Empire, chemical reactions, English, Hindi and Kannada literature, Rama Rajya, puppet show, 3D show and forest drew special attention of the visitors.

Fr. Danappa Mulimani is the present Manager of the school and Fr. Rayappa T. the Assistant Manager. The school has about 2,000 students.

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