Catholic Healthcare Professionals Meet In Bellary

Heads of healthcare institutions serving in the Diocese of Bellary enthusiastically participated in a workshop on March 18 at Bishop’s House, Bellary The meet was organized by the Heath Commission, Diocese of Bellary.

The workshop was animated by Fr. Santhosh Dias, Regional Secretary of KRCBC Health Commission.

At the occasion, Bishop Henry D’ Souza, Bishop of Bellary urged the healthcare providers “to reveal the compassionate face of the Christ through their apostolate particularly in this challenging pandemic times.”

Bishop D’Souza insisted on the need of promoting preventive healthcare, with a focus on the holistic development of the human person. “Networking among catholic healthcare workers would help in benefiting from each other’s expertise and in optimizing the service”, the Bishop said. Fr. Santhosh Dias, the resource person highlighted the need of healthcare personal in health care ministry to emerge as prophetic witness in the modern times where health care is commercialized and human person is valued as a commodity. He specifically noted the need to come out of our limited world and foster noble values of respect to life, ethical medical practice , regard to human dignity and empathetic service. The religious healthcare personal present, enthusiastically agreed to empower themselves through effective networking and to promote a culture of life in an environment of social harmony and to protection of human rights.

Sr. Catherine De Souza FHIC, Secretary, Health Commission welcomed and Fr. Ivan Pinto, Coordinator of the Commissions thanked all those present. Fr. Antonyraj P. Vicar General and chairperson of Diocesan Health Commission, Sr. Caterina De Souza, FHIC, Secretary of Health Commission and Director of St. Mary’s Hospital Bellary, Fr. Ivan Pinto, Coordinator, Diocesan Commissions and Fr. Alphonse George, Rector of Diocesan Minor Seminary organized the event.

The day's session concluded with a fraternal meal.

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