Ecumenical Christmas Celebration Held With Trans-genders

Christmas cum New Year celebration was held on Sunday I January, 2023 at Holy Trinity Mission, Kudthinni. The Special invitees for the occasion were trans-genders of Kudthinni locality.

Bishop Henry D’Souza of Bellary presided over the ecumenical celebration.

Neighbouring priests, pastors, religious leaders and well wishers participated in the joyful event.

In his message Bishop Henry D’Souza stated that at Christmas, Jesus communicated human dignity to all sections of people and peace to all people of goodwill. He precognized the pain and humiliation suffered by the trans-genders and Devadasis (Temple Servants) in the society.

“All need to appreciate and recognize the dignity of all human persons, no matter what section of the society they belong to. All human persons have the same dignity, called to be children of God,” affirmed Bishop D’Souza.

“True dignity is God-given. Sadly today God is being confined to temples, mosques and churches,” observed Bishop. “We need to recognize his image and likeness in all human being, irrespective of their gender, case and religious affiliation,” declared Bishop.

Bishop highlighted how the light of Christ is made available to people all over the world. He also said that in realizing the presence of God, we realize our dignity .

Bishop lauded the initiative taken by Fr Jai Prakash to accompany the trans-genders and devadasis. He has been able to organize them and sensitise them regarding healthcare and hygiene.

Fr. Jai makes these less fortunate to feel that they too are children of God and they should live in human dignity.

He applauded Fr. Jai Prakash, the former Mission director for his venture in establishing this Mission in spite of all the odds he faced and Fr. Francis Chinnappa, the present in charge of the mission.

Trans-gender community leaders Shashi and Ramakka and others were felicitated at the function.

There are about 60 trans-genders and devadasis live in the area.

Fr. Jai Prakash, the former Director and pioneer of Kudthini, briefed the beginnings of Kudthini Mission and he recalled how the Lord helped him. He gratefully remembered all those who supported him.

One of the community leader Sashi said, "After coming in contact with Father Jai in Kudthini and the church, we realized our human dignity and it motivated us to do lot of good to others as Jesus himself did.”

Five pastors of Kudthini present at the occasion. They were felicitated and they hailed Fr. Jai's efforts to bring all Christians together and extended their collaboration in this regard.

Fr. Francis Chinnappa, was the MC of the event. With a fraternal meal, the program ended.

Our Patron
St Anthony of Padua