New Didigi parish opened and new church blessed

The new parish of Didigi was inaugurated and the new church dedicated to St Therese was blessed by Bishop Henry D’Souza on 12 May 2024. The new parish of St. Therese of Child Jesus was earlier part of Jawalgera parish.

A large number of local Catholics joyfully participated in the event.

With the opening of the new parish, the long standing request from the nearby sub-stations was met.

The initiative was planned and started by Fr Amal Chandra and Fr Suresh Vincent along with the parishioners and well-wishers.

The sub-stations attached to the new parish are: Diddigi, Balaganur, Banniganur, Jalawadgi, Laxmi Camp, Ramathlal and Sagar Camp, thus far belonging to Jawalgera parish.

Same time, Fr. Chandrakant was installed at the first parish priest of Diddigi.

Bishop Henry D’Souza hoped that the “Catholic faithful belonging to the new parish be sanctified through the regular reception of the sacred Sacraments and grow in profound knowledge of and personal relationship with Jesus Christ, the crucified and risen Saviour.”

Bishop appreciated and thanked the initiative of Frs. Amal Chandra and Suresh Vincent in constructing the new church and a community hall.

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St Anthony of Padua