Joyful Christmas celebrated in Bellary Central Prison
BALLARI, 20 DEC 2023:

Christmas was celebrated joyfully at the Central Prison Ballari on Dec 20. Orgnanised by the Bellary Diocesan Prison Ministry Team, over 400 prisoners attended.

"Christmas is a celebration of unconditional divine love poured out on the entire humanity. Divine love is offered to all, irrespective of their past. God's love and mercy are infinite; even criminals can accept it and transform their lives," declared Bishop of Bellary Henry D'Souza.

"Christmas is a time for forgiveness and healing the past wounds and embracing the spirit of universal fraternity and peaceful living with the Divinity, the fellow human beings, and nature," stated Bishop D'Souza.

"At Christmas God became human, by which divinity was not diminished, but humanity was enhanced," said Bishop Henry D'Souza.

"Christmas is a family festival. It symbolizes all people journeying together – irrespective of their religion, caste and status – as all are called to be God’s beloved children," Bishop stated.

Appreciating the joyful Christmas celebration, a jai official said: "Usually we hear about pride, arrogance, attacks and violence; whereas at Christmas we hear about love, peace, service, forgiveness and joy, which are in fact soul elevating and comforting."

Fr Ivan Pinto, Diocesan PRO welcomed the gathering.

Students of Vijaya Mary School of Siruguppa presented a moving skit on "Change of Heart" and the students of Bellary’s St Jon's High School presented Christmas Dance.

Students of Holy Cross School, Laxminagar Camp presented a Christmas dance with a crib.

Well-known teacher Narasimha Murthy entertained the gathering with his wit and humour.

Prison inmates too presented a lively Christmas song and some shared as how they want to reform their lives.

Secretary of Prison Ministry Fr Nikson and Sr Shanthy Chacko RGS facilitated the programme. Sisters Lourdumary, Lily, Jabamala and Shanthi assisted.

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St Anthony of Padua