Ongoing Formation Given to Sixty Five Teachers

Sixty five teachers of faith formation and moral education were given ongoing formation on 27 Oct 27 at St Antony Pastoral Centre, Bellary.

The programme was animated by Fr. Vincent Suresh, secretary of the diocesan commission for faith formation.

The day began with the prayer dance invoking God's blessings on all the participants by the students of Father Joachim School Jawalgera.

Bishop Henry D’Souza in his introductory talk stated that the catechism teachers’ calling is divine and sacred. However, they themselves need to grow in faith. He emphasized on the need of teachers themselves to be mature in their faith, which will help them to be credible witnesses of faith and answer properly students’ questions.

He also thanked the teachers for their hard work and sacrifice made for imparting Catholic faith

Fr. Alphonse George, one of the resource persons of the training program highlighted the qualities of an effective catechism teacher and on the witnessing life. He pointed out that teaching catechism is a sacred duty of every baptized person so all need to love God and to share the experience of God.

Fr. Rayappa Kandalli stressed on the basic faith of the Catholic Church and explained briefly the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

Fr Vijay Kumar enlightened the participants to become effective listeners and communicators. The primary task of every teacher is to be an effective listener and then only one able to communicate.

Fr. Ivan Pinto expressed the need for service-oriented faith. Our God is a God of love, therefore we need to love our neighbors with generous, merciful, and kind hearts.

Our Patron
St Anthony of Padua