Renovated Bishop’s House inaugurated and blessed
BELLARY, 13 Mar 2023

The newly renovated Bishop’s House of Bellary was inaugurated on 13 March by Cardinal Antony Poola, Metropolitan Archbishop of Hyderabad.

Bishop Henry D’Souza, Bishop of Bellary blessed the building and Bishop Robert Miranda, Bishop of Gulburga, lit the first lamp.

Sri Sri Kalyana Swami, Qazi Mohamit, Smt.Rajeswari, Mayor, City Corporation Ballari lighted the main lamp in the house.

Present Bishop’s House earlier called Roman Catholic Mission House was bought in 1931 by its first Mission Superior, Rev. Fr. Earnest Reilly OFM of Franciscan Mission Union (FMU) of English Province. Ever since it is the center of all the pastoral activities.

Bellary Mission became a diocese in 10 March, 1949 and Bishop John Hogan OFM the then Mission Superior, its first Bishop. It became the residence of the Bishop, hence called Bishop’s House.

The 208 year old building of British era needed a major repair and renovation. Bishop Henry D’Souza initiated it in December, 2021. Earlier it was renovated by Bishop Hogan and Bishop Ambrose Yeddanapalli OFM, the former Bishops of Bellary.

At the occasion Bishop Henry, Bishop of Bellary gratefully recalled the donors and well wishers who supported this project. Particularly, Rev. Fr. Edmund Highton OFM, Archdiocese of Cologne, Propaganda of Fide (POPF) through Missio International, Aachen, Germany and Sri Michael D’Souza.

Also, he thanked all the engineers, architect, workers and the resident priests of the Bishop’s House for their dedicated hard work.

“The contribution of Christian community to the society is very significant particularly in the areas of education and health. They inculcate values in the hearts of our children” said Smt. Rajeswari, Bellary City Mayor while at the fraternal meal after the function.

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