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24 July: Youth Meeting at Mudgal
One day youth programme was arranged at Mudgal. Fr. Danappa, the parish priest welcomed the gathering. Fr. John Peter, DYD and Fr. Chinnappa, Anil, the youth president and Sangeeta the secretary were present. The day’s theme was on the Year of Mercy. “Come and experience the Mercy of the Lord.” The day began with a prayer dance from the participants.

The chief guest and other dignitaries, along with the youth representatives lighted the Lamp. Fr. Danappa explained the purpose of the meeting while Fr. Chinnapa invited the youth to be focused in their lives.

Fr. John Peter, DYD animated the entire day helping the youth to understand the Mercy of God giving various examples from the bible and from the lives of the late Pope John Paul II, Mother Theresa, Padre Pio, who during their life time, helped lot of people to experience the mercy of God . Through his talks and groups discussions with the youth Fr. John Peter helped them to come closer to God and challenged them to be the channels of Mercy of the Father in the families, in the parish and the society at large.

After the lunch, the youth spent time in adoration animated by Fr. Chinnappa and with a high tea, the programme was concluded. More than 60 boys and girls participated.

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